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Carole Durrant

Carole was born in Port Elizabeth, resides in Wilderness, Western Cape, South Africa." Being blessed to live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, I can’t help but be inspired by the majestic serenity which is Wilderness. Each painting is an adventure. It is personal, both for the artist and the viewer. So much to discover on one canvas. Don’t pass by too quickly, you might miss something….”
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Biance Ralph

Getting lost in a painting is like being transported to another world, time or place… I love that feeling.. and I love creating that feeling when I put paint to canvas. It’s exciting, as you never know what’s going to combine and shape and come to life…
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Sarah Snow Fox Photography

My very talented niece has a passion for horses. That is her speciality, capturing their grace and beauty on camera.
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Clive Webber

Our beloved Dad and Oupa. Born in Port Elizabeth was inspired mainly by South African landscapes. Worked in oils and acrylics. He had a passion for painting all his life, his love for art has been passed down the family line. We are proud to present his work here on our website, not for sale, but to be treasured in our private collection.